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Abby is a 4 year old who has essential tremors. Essential Tremors is a neurological  disorder that causes rhythmic shaking. Essential tremor most often affects the hands, though it may also affect the head, voice, arms, or legs. Abby needed speech therapy, physical therapy, feeding therapy, & occupational therapy to learn to deal with the impacts this made on her little body. She still goes to OT biweekly, but thankfully we were able to graduate from the others with time! She has come such a long way, & her tremors are really only present when she’s sick now! It is something that will come & go in phases as life goes on. It’s the most common movement disorder, but it primarily only impacts people over the age of 60. It’s nearly unheard of in children. Abby is ready to introduce her little “business” she has started! Abby LOVES to be crafty, & this is a great way for her to work on her fine motor skills. Sometimes she gets a little shaky, but she refuses to give up. Abby makes different types of beaded jewelry! This helps her work on her fine motor skills. It also helps her gain confidence & embrace her differences! 

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